In Memory of Robert Landry

Detail of Spiral, 6' x 6', Acrylic on Collage
August 19, 2017 In memory of "Mr. Landry" Bob Landry. A family friend when we were 2 young families in the 70s - the Landrys and the Tarketts. When they moved, we visited them in Bethlehem and Bath? I think.

In memory of Bob Landry, the father of Bob, Chris, Peter, and Liz, husband to Elaine. He was a painter and taught me how to paint with oils - my first oil painting teacher. I was 11 and he was patient, kind, and funny. It was a kindness I always remembered and took with me - a fellow artist in a land of not so many artists. One of my tribe, one of my Gurus.

He passed unexpectedly yesterday and all I can think is, "May I become able to help all beings." In gratitude for the love and compassion shown to me, "May I become able to help all beings."

A small yellow moth has been living in our house for several days. I took the moth outside today.

My First Oil Painting, 1976

August 20, 2017 Yesterday I reworked the spiral I thought I would cover w/ collage. Instead, I responded to what is already there. Today - small drawing on dictionary/grass paper - not so good.