Wednesday, November 18, 2009

H2O Sketchbook

H2O is the piece I've created for the Arthousecoop Sketchbook Project. I was given the theme My Life in a Yellow Submarine. After thinking through obvious references to the famous Beetles' song, I settled on a piece about water as I imagined that life on any sub, no matter what the color, would be a life surrounded by cold, salty, blue, green wetness.

Because of the project a story on Women Submariners on NPR caught my attention as I was making the piece so I did some internet research and came across the naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory's Technical Report #1219 entitled The Medical Implications of Women on Submarines. The calligraphic marks on one side of my accordian sketchbook are words from this report.


  1. Such beautiful work, Lisa!
    I'm wowed!

  2. Me, too. Love the movement and the color and the spirit. Beautiful!