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Barnyard, Frederick Community College Collection

Developed Catalog a bit more yesterday (2 1/2 panels to complete). Today, I prepared Barnyard to be installed at Frederick Community College as part of their permanent collection. I am very excited to join other artists, on the walls, in the Visual Arts Building. Thank you Wendell! Barnyard , acrylic and oil on canvas, 4' x 2' detail, Barnyard detail, Barnyard detail, Barnyard

Animal Vegetable Mineral in Process

Working on Animal, Vegetable, Mineral today. It is 8' x 6' (six feet high) - Love the way that height addresses the body. 2 and 3/4 panels to go - will have to dig into sketchbooks for more "vocabulary" - current collected images have been exhausted. Listened to: Doc. on Nat King Cole

In Memory of Robert Landry

Detail of Spiral, 6' x 6', Acrylic on Collage August 19, 2017 In memory of "Mr. Landry" Bob Landry. A family friend when we were 2 young families in the 70s - the Landrys and the Tarketts. When they moved, we visited them in Bethlehem and Bath? I think. In memory of Bob Landry, the father of Bob, Chris, Peter, and Liz, husband to Elaine. He was a painter and taught me how to paint with oils - my first oil painting teacher. I was 11 and he was patient, kind, and funny. It was a kindness I always remembered and took with me - a fellow artist in a land of not so many artists. One of my tribe, one of my Gurus. He passed unexpectedly yesterday and all I can think is, "May I become able to help all beings." In gratitude for the love and compassion shown to me, "May I become able to help all beings." A small yellow moth has been living in our house for several days. I took the moth outside today. My First Oil Painting, 1976 August 20,

A New Body of Work

Spent much of today turning sketchbook journal entries from April 23 - August 12 and images of work in progress into a blog post chronicling my process of creating a new body of work. Reading: How to Practice by His Holiness The Dalai Lama Inspired by discussion with, and artwork by fellow exhibiting artists in the Fall Invitational at Expanding Heart in Frederick, MD in October 2016, I began a new series of work. With the intention of working on a larger scale and exploring the ideas I had set out in the Fall Invitational (mark making in response to a developed surface and playing with line, form, and movement in various media), I worked on Hosehair Worm 9' x 6' and Spiral 6' x 6' collage/painting pieces throughout the winter of 2016 and into the spring of 2017.  Horsehair Worm , 22" x 18", graphite on paper (study for Horsehair Worm collage/painting) Horsehair Worm , collage phase begins Horsehair Worm , collage pha