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Drawing/Collage Installation in progress...

Drawing/Collage Installation in progress...

four by fours in progress...

Coming soon...

Les Idees Gallery at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh (Sister MamaCita will show here with MamaCita in March 2010)

Daily Observance continued...

I believe my presentation of "Ritual" or "Daily Observance" is resolved:

I Love the Blue #2

really a learning process with this accordian book for my daily drawings. I bound two covers and attached them to the folio, but it seemed too heavey for the drawings so I cut the covers off. The piece seems to have more integrity without the covers.

Book Cover for Daily Observance project

I Love the Blues

Daily Observance continued...

At Patrick Henry Community College, Roanoke, VA

Daily Observance:

I've been experimenting with ideas for how to present my daily drawings. Here are the beginnings of an accordian book holding the 3" x 3" daily observations.

Opening night for "A Convivial Collection...New Creations" on November 6, 2009 at Gallery Chiz in Pittsburgh

She Sell #1

In this oil on wood painting I am beginning to play with some ideas for the Wholons exhibition with Mamacita coming up in 2010. The project requires that I create four pieces and that each piece be 4" x 4" and 1 and a half inches deep.