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Submarine Medical Research Laboratory's Technical Report #1219

H2O Sketchbook

H2O is the piece I've created for the Arthousecoop Sketchbook Project . I was given the theme My Life in a Yellow Submarine . After thinking through obvious references to the famous Beetles' song, I settled on a piece about water as I imagined that life on any sub, no matter what the color, would be a life surrounded by cold, salty, blue, green wetness. Because of the project a story on Women Submariners on NPR caught my attention as I was making the piece so I did some internet research and came across the naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory's Technical Report #1219 entitled The Medical Implications of Women on Submarines. The calligraphic marks on one side of my accordian sketchbook are words from this report.


Both Sacred Heart and Pet sold on opening night at Gallery Chiz.
I am energized by the birth of a new project! Sister Mamacita is growing steadily. Our artist members' work can be seen on our temporary website: Group exhibitions coming soon... Thank you, Melissa Tevere and all Mamacita members!


“A Convivial Collection …New Creations” by Philippe Paulin Derville • Ben Oddi • Joyce Werwie Perry •Carlos Sanchez-Vegas • Randie Snow with Anna Bloom • Kat Cole • Neil Dreibelbis • Ruth Frank • Patty Gallagher • Liz Goldberg • Ryder Henry • Maria Paul Kyros • Laura Jean McLaughlin • Ida Michaeli • Elaine Morris • Lisa Tarkett Reed • Artie Reitmeyer • Cory Rockwood • Marjorie Shipe • Alex Sutlic • Pearl Wu Opening Reception & FirstFriday ArtWalk…11.06.09, 6-9pm GALLERIE CHIZ 5831 Ellsworth Avenue • Shadyside • Pittsburgh, PA 15232 Ellen Chisdes Neuberg, owner/director New Winter Hours: Tue – Fri 11-5:30 • Sat 11-5 • closed Sun, Mon. or for appointment call 412.441.6005"

painting "Sacred Heart" (photos by Joe)

Moleskine Exchange/Susan Savory's Book

Moleskine Exchange 2009

"...stones, crystals, bones and beads hold personal history and meaning for me depending on where I found them or who gave them to me: a sea shell from a family trip to the ocean, a pyramid shaped rock I picked up on my wedding day, a pinch pot my older sister made when she was twelve, a crystal I received as a birthday gift, hematite given by a friend. Each of these resonates with me as both natural objects of profound beauty and as personal symbols. While the objects represent personal memories of times, places and people, the act of focusing on them and drawing them roots me firmly to the present."